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Transform Stress and Anxiety into Ease, Confidence, and Joy

Imagine what it would feel like to live free of stress and anxiety.

To sink into your bed at night feeling relaxed and satisfied, instead of obsessing over tomorrow’s to-do lists and yesterday’s regrets.

What would it feel like to wake up eager and excited to start your day, instead of worried about what might go wrong?

Just for a moment, imagine what it would be like to feel good in your body, confident in your choices, and at peace with your emotions.

To genuinely know —not just hope or believe—but really KNOW that everything about you is good enough, that your life is right on track, and there is nothing more you have to do or become in order to earn your right to feel joy.


If you’re ready to for emotional freedom to be your everyday reality, then you’re in the right place.

Because the core of who you are is Love, and the Feed Your Soul Society is designed to help you realize this Truth.

“Let me just say- WOW! I’m 35 and have spent a large chunk of my adult life reading self-help books, doing spiritual searching, listening to personal growth podcasts, and even years of counseling trying to ‘figure things out’ and learn to just be okay with myself. I have dabbled in so many things where someone supposedly had all the answers. 

What I’m loving so far about this course is it’s not pushing any particular dogma or to do list down my throat that will ‘solve all my problems.’

It’s teaching me how to get in touch with myself to find the answers.

Ah! This is exactly what I have been missing!”

-Kathryn, Feed Your Soul Society Member

Hi, I’m Katerina Baratta.

A mind-body-spirit health practitioner, licensed acupuncturist, and teacher.

But more important than any labels are the experiences that’ve lead me here.

Because I know what it’s like to live with overwhelming stress and anxiety.

I used to carry them around with me like a heavy security blanket, unaware that the very things I was clinging to for protection were the ones that were hurting me the most.


At the time I didn’t know I was experiencing stress and anxiety.

My stomach felt tight and I would regularly burst into a fit of tears in public.

But all I knew was that my emotions felt out of control, my life never felt good enough, and I wanted things to change so I could be happier.

When I was a teenager and in my early 20’s I thought the answer was in the way I looked.

Growing up surrounded by supermodels and movie stars in downtown Manhattan, I was convinced that pretty=skinny, skinny=in-control,  in-control=lovable and lovable=happy.

So I tried to control my body to be skinny.

I drank venti macchiatos while I was at school to distract myself from hunger, only to inhale the entire contents of the refrigerator when I got home.

I spent hours on treadmills, hating myself and the machine in equal measure (gyms never were my thing).

People sometimes asked me with concerned eyes if I had a stomach ache because I was always petting my belly, but really I was just trying to feel if it was flat.

But no matter how much I changed on the outside, my life still didn’t feel good enough.

I still felt like I was missing something, and I wouldn’t be happy until I found whatever that was.

Fast forward a few years and my anxiety brought up new worries to obsess about.

By then I had gotten my yoga teacher training certificate, practiced regularly, and was learning about holistic nutrition.

All of this helped me feel better in my body, but the heavy knot in my stomach wouldn’t go away.


When I met the man who would later become my husband, that knot tightened and held me hostage.

I’d finally found someone who listened.

Who pulled thistle thorns out of my heels when I walked in the garden barefoot.

Who cooked with me and played guitar and checked pretty much all of the boxes I was looking for.

And yet all I wanted to do was run away.

I finally had the love I was looking for, but instead of skipping off into my own happily-ever-after sunset, I was trapped thinking anxious thought patterns like:

“What if I don’t love him enough?”

“What if I find someone better one day and end up breaking his heart?”

“Is he good enough for me?”

“Something must be wrong since I keep feeling this way.”

“Is this my gut telling me to break up with him?”

So I tried talk therapy.

I tried hypnotherapy.

I went to a naturopathic doctor because my stomach hurt so badly and she put my on licorice tablets.

But nothing helped until I learned how to process the emotions that were stuck in my body, through my body.

And now that’s what I teach others to do in the Feed Your Soul Society.

Sure, stress and anxiety still pop into my life from time to time.

But there’s a huge difference between the way I responded to them in the past and the way I respond now.

Because now, when I feel stressed and anxious thoughts call up to say hello, I know I don’t need to answer the phone.

And when I do get caught up in the drama (because life happens and I’m still human,) I now know how to deal with it.

I don’t believe the stories my mind makes up anymore.

With more than a decade of focused study in psychology, yoga, holistic nutrition, medicinal herbalism, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, I’ve tried pretty much every wellness strategy out there.

after a whole lot of trial and error, I’ve figured out what works –and what doesn’t– when it comes to healing stress and anxiety.

I’ve learned how to combine traditional medicine with modern science so I can recognize and transform the root causes of my stress before anxiety takes hold.

And even with all of the discomfort, all of the doubt and all of the shame I went through to get to this point, here’s something I never thought I’d say:


I wouldn’t change a thing.

Because it was through healing stress and anxiety that I found my purpose in life.

Without stress and anxiety, I never would have learned yoga.

Without stress and anxiety, I wouldn’t know how to use food to heal both my body and my spirit.

Without stress and anxiety, I wouldn’t have experienced the incredible power of Chinese medicine.

Without stress and anxiety, I wouldn’t know how exciting it is to intentionally shift your thought patterns so you can feel better, and enjoy the results.

And without my own stress and anxiety, I never would’ve been able to help others who are still suffering.

If any part of my story sounds familiar to you, then welcome.

I’m so happy you found your way here.

Because the Feed Your Soul Society was made for you.

The Feed Your Soul Society is a yearlong membership program that will help you heal the root causes of stress and anxiety, naturally.

This is not a quick-fix or one-size-fits-all solution.

I won’t be giving you a pill that magically makes your anxiety disappear or covers up its symptoms.

What I will do is help you find the strategies that help you heal and transform the reasons you’re feeling stressed and anxious in the first place.

“In a world obsessed with selling any and every thing or idea to make a buck, thank you for selling the truth and not a bunch of false claims or unrealistic outcomes.

You and your content are so real and so needed!”

-Kathryn, Feed Your Soul Society Member

The Feed Your Soul Society is a journey inward.

Over the course of a year, you’ll learn to hear your own inner wisdom, rewire your neurological patterning, recognize the thoughts and circumstances that activate your stress, release the emotional baggage that’s holding you back, and design your lifestyle to bring you more joy and less anxiety.


How it Works

• Foundation Videos

The foundation of the Feed Your Soul society rests on an eye-opening 9-module video series that will help you understand the root causes of stress and anxiety (and clarify exactly what you can do to feel better, right away).


• Healing Practices Roadmap

You’ll get instant access to a 24-week roadmap with  simple yet powerful healing practices that will easily fit into your regular lifestyle.

Each practice is included because it made an undeniable positive impact on my own healing journey, and I know how transformative it will be for you, too.


• Live & Recorded Zoom Sessions

When you join the Feed Your Soul Society, you get exclusive access to at least 8 live group-coaching calls (unrecorded for confidentiality, and more sessions may be added depending on availability), recorded Q&A sessions, and the opportunity to sit in the “hot-seat” for a recorded 1-on-1 coaching session.

You’ll also get access to the past recorded session archives.

• Private Facebook Group

The Feed Your Soul Society has a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and check-in with other FYSS members.

• Frequent Emails

Feed Your Soul Society membership includes frequent emails to check-in, keep you on track, and help you navigate any challenges that may come up along the way.

Plus 2 Mind-Bending Bonuses

Bonus #1: Finding Balance

Stress, anxiety, digestive trouble, insomnia, headaches, PMS, oh my! The symptoms that come with stress and anxiety are not fun.

But symptoms aren’t just a nuisance, they’re actually messages from your body. And once you know how to read them, you’ll know what you need to do to bring your whole system back into balance, body, mind, and spirit.

This bonus module will teach you how to decode the messages your body is sending you, and show you exactly how to respond so you feel great in your body, more often than not.

Bonus #2: Power Cycles

Do you feel like you’re in survival mode? Constantly paddling upstream? Are you exhausted?

Then this bonus module could literally change your life.

You’re going to learn ancient secrets passed down through generations of medicine people for millennia on how to harness nature’s rhythms for optimal energy and well-being.

It’s a big topic but the principle’s are simple, and once you know them you’ll never be the same.

“I watched the first video last night and am going to listen again while taking notes. I am already learning SO much just from the first presentation and can tell that you’ve put so much work into this. I am feeling really fortunate to be a part of this program, especially right now.”

-New Feed Your Soul Society Member

What You’ll Learn in the Foundation Videos:

The Root Causes of Stress & Anxiety

 • What is anxiety and where does it come from?

• The 5 root causes of stress & anxiety

• How to recognize & understand your signs and symptoms so you can identify what’s activating your stress and anxiety

• What to do once you’ve identified the root cause of your stress & anxiety

Transforming Stress & Anxiety Through Acceptance

• The difference between acceptance and complacency, and why acceptance is key to enjoying your life

• The connection between stress and anxiety

• The only 3 options you have when faced with any stressful situation, and how to find the option that helps you the most

• How to stop being so critical and embrace the present moment so you can enjoy life while you’re living it (instead of hoping things will get better in the future). 


The Nervous System & Anxiety

• An easy-to-understand intro to how your nervous system works

• The physiology of the stress response and what happens when you’re chronically stressed

• How to retrain your nervous system for less stress and anxiety

The Stress Habit, Emotions, and the Vagus Nerve

• How stress can become a bad habit, and what to do about it.

• What are emotions and how do they get stuck in the body?

• Why you may have trauma in your body and not even realize it.

• 2 Steps to break the stress habit

• What is the Vagus Nerve and what does it have to do with stress and anxiety?

• 10 ways to increase vagal tone, strengthen your rest-and-digest mode, and quickly reduce stress and anxiety when you feel panicky

• How to rewire your thought patterns so you don’t get stuck in a negativity rabbit hole

Meeting Your Basic Needs

• The mind-body connection

• The 4 basic physical needs you need to prioritize in order to heal stress and anxiety

• How to use food to calm and clear your mind (and no, we’re not talking about burying your troubles in 3 pints of cookie dough)

• The best foods to eat for more peace and well-being

• A short list of foods that can increase agitation and fatigue

• The 3 biggest nutrient deficiencies that contribute to stress and anxiety

• How to get the best sleep of your life

• Which type of movement and exercise will help your mental health the most

• How to increase hydration (especially if you feel like you already drink a lot and have to pee all the time)

The Ego & Overcoming Resistance

• What is the Ego, and how does it create stress?

• Why it’s so hard to change your habits (even if your old ways of being aren’t serving you)?

• What is resistance/self-sabotage, and where does it come from?

• Why resistance is actually an essential part of your ability to heal

• How to move past resistance and follow through on your goals


Anxiety vs. Intuition

• The difference between emotional expression and suppression

• What your body has to do with intuition

• Why following your gut might not be such a good idea, and what to do instead

• How to tell the difference between fear and intuition

The Nourishment Mindset

• What is the Nourishment Mindset, and how is it different from the more typical Deprivation Mindset

• How a Deprivation Mindset leads to stress and anxiety

• How to make the switch from a Deprivation Mindset to a Nourishment Mindset

• The secret message that wanted and unwanted emotions carry

• The #1 thing you need to prioritize if you want to feel good and be happy

Clearing Uncomfortable Thoughts & Emotions

• What are subconscious thoughts and what purpose do they serve?

• Where do thoughts even come from?

• Where do painful emotions come from?

• How to make subconscious thoughts conscious so they can be cleared

• How to overcome limiting core beliefs so you can stop reacting on “autopilot” and start choosing how you want to be in the world

• What happens when you stop pushing against the unwanted and allow what is to be

• How to deal with stuck emotions

• 4 exercises to clear uncomfortable thoughts and emotions

“I can tell that I’m going to be continuing to learn and discover new things about myself and living this life for months and years to come from doing this program.

Thank you SO MUCH Katerina for all the work you put into making this happen and making it such a deep and rewarding experience for all of us. It’s truly felt like a gift”

-Former Feed Your Soul Society Member

How the Healing Practices Can Help

These practices have been meticulously selected from years of trial-and-error and curated to give you the most powerful practical tools to transform your nervous system from chronic stress, struggle, and anxiety, to ease, joy, confidence, and flow.

And don’t worry about self-sabotage, because a huge part of this program is focused on giving you the exact strategies you need to show up for yourself and create the change you want.

You aren’t “required” to do any of the practices in the Feed Your Soul Society.

You can pick and choose them a-la-carte, or you can join others in the FYSS by following the curated 24-Week Healing Practices Roadmap.

If you’re ready, the 24-Week Healing Practices Roadmap is designed to help you experience the powerful positive impact of these practices for yourself so know how to use them when you need them the most.

By committing yourself to this journey, you’ll be creating lasting changes in your nervous system so you can steer your life in the direction you want.  


Here are the practices you’ll be guided through:

The WOOP Method

This scientifically proven exercise will help you consciously let go of old habits (including emotional habits) and retrain your neurology so you can choose to make new, more favorable responses your norm.

Seated Meditation

You will learn many ways to meditate in the Feed Your Soul Society so you can choose the method that works best for you.

This includes how to get the benefits of meditation without sitting still (if that happens to be something you’re resistant to,) plus guided meditations to get you started if you have little or no experience.


No need to worry if the idea of adding healing practices into your lifestyle stresses you out.

Mindfulness, also called present-awareness, is a practice you can do anywhere, anytime (even while you’re doing the dishes or walking to your car).

And while it might sound like another thing to add to your to-do list, the whole point of mindfulness is to give you access to an experience of life that is richer than anything you can imagine, so you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you intentionally incorporate this practice into your everyday life.

Bliss Lists

The Bliss List practice that is taught in the Feed Your Soul Society moves beyond superficial gratitude so you’re empowered to rewire your neurology for more ease, joy, and confidence.

Bliss Lists enable you to focus on aspects of your life that feel good to you, and therein lies the secret sauce.

Because the more you practice good-feeling thoughts, the more you strengthen the neural connections in your brain that make it easier for you to focus on good-feeling thoughts in the future.

And this is incredibly valuable for people who are prone to stress and anxiety, because it allows your thought patterns to switch gears much more easily.

So if you tend to be a worrier, perfectionist, or if you feel like some parts of your life aren’t good enough, this is a practice you’re definitely going to want to prioritize in your life.

Plus, it feels awesome, so motivating yourself to do it is pretty much a non-issue.

Observe & Question Thoughts

Stressful situations happen in life, and while you can’t change what happens to you, you can change the way you respond.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to meet challenges with confidence?

And imagine how good it would feel to fully accept the mistakes you make and be excited that you get to learn and grow from them, instead of feeling like you’re the worst person in the world.

All of this hinges on your thought patterns, which are actually just conditioned responses based on past experiences.

This means that your thoughts don’t have to define your life.

But when you believe your thoughts, as most people do, that’s when stress and anxiety really take hold.

Observing your thought patterns allows you to get some distance between yourself and your thoughts so you don’t take them so seriously anymore.

And when you start to question your thoughts you start to see them for what they really are: suggestions and theories that you can choose to accept or dismiss.

The practice of observing and questioning thoughts is one of the most valuable practices I’ve ever come across for completely transforming stress and anxiety, and I can’t wait for you to witness the power of this practice on your own life.

Body Scan Meditation

Emotions are a physical experience, they’re called feelings for a reason.

Because the mind and body aren’t just connected, they’re the same system.

And when emotions aren’t given the chance to process out, they cause tension.

This Body Scan Meditation is designed to help you feel into your body so you can start releasing the tension that is stored in there.

And it’s also extremely relaxing, so if you have any issues around sleep, this guided meditation can help you with that too.


Whether it’s a bird flying into window or a polar bear getting over the shock of a stun gun, an interesting thing happens when animals come out of stressful situations: They literally pause to shake it off.

And this shaking allows their nervous system to reset so the stress of the situation doesn’t get lodged as trauma.

Amazingly, we humans have the same mechanism built into our bodies, but we tend to override it.

In situations that are mildly stressful we’ve simply trained ourselves out of it because it looks weird, and in more highly-stressful situations, like assault or a car accident for example, many doctors don’t realize the incredible benefit of this automatic shaking mechanism, so medications are often used to turn the shaking off.

But no matter what’s happened to you, the great thing is that even if you’ve never used the shaking technique before, you can pick up the practice anytime to discharge both old and recent stress.

In qigong (which is basically Chinese yoga) shaking is used as a powerful method for releasing both physical and emotional tension that is lodged in the body.

And in the Feed Your Soul Society you will learn this ancient technique to transform stress in your own life, whether it got lodged in your body in response to something that happened when you were 5 or 5 minutes ago.

Yoga for Trauma Release

Trauma can be defined as any stress or emotion that remains unprocessed in the body, and shaking is one of the fastest and most effective ways to process it out.

Shaking can be induced in 2 ways, either by jumping up and down to vibrate into specific parts of your body (as you’ll learn in the qigong shaking practice described above), or by increasing the tension in your body so it releases itself like a rubber band.

As one of my favorite teachers, Master Ko, always says, “You have to let the water boil if you want it to transform into steam.”

This simple 15-minute yoga practice is appropriate for total beginners and experienced yogi’s alike, and has been specifically designed for members of the Feed Your Soul Society to help you bring gentle stress-relieving tremors into your body so your nervous system can reset, release, and restore itself to a baseline of ease and comfort.

Emotional Clearing Exercises

Every thought you think has a physical response in the body, and every feeling you have inspires thousands of thoughts.

So one of the best ways to heal stress and anxiety is to learn to witness your thought and emotion patterns, and instead of suppressing or indulging them (as most people typically do,) learning to consciously let them go.

The Feed Your Soul Society will teach you 3 emotional clearing meditations and a powerful journal exercise that will help you let go of limiting thoughts and emotions quickly and easily.


Moving from Discipline to Flow

All of the healing practices in the Feed Your Soul Society are cumulative.

The more you practice, the bigger of an effect you’ll enjoy.

The Healing Practices Roadmap is designed to help you seamlessly integrate these practices into your lifestyle for maximum benefit.

But the ultimate outcome of all of this is that you’ll be so in tune with your physical and emotional body that you’ll know exactly what you need, when you need it, and automatically give it to yourself without second thought.

So the final practice taught in the Feed Your Soul Society isn’t a practice imposed from outside.

Instead, it teaches you to tap into the wellspring of wisdom that is already and always inside you so you can flow through your life without the stress of “shoulds” and “what-ifs”, and start to enjoy more ease, joy, and confidence than your mind can ever imagine.

The FYSS is made for you if:

• You’re often stressed, anxious, and/or uncomfortable

• You feel like something has to change before you can be happy and satisfied, or you feel like you and your life are never “good enough”

• You worry a lot and get overwhelmed easily

• You want to understand the root causes of your emotions so you can take charge of the way you feel

• You feel like you’re operating on autopilot or like you’re always in survival mode

• Maybe you’ve tried therapy, holistic remedies, meditation, pharmaceutical medication –you name it!– but your emotions still feel out of control

• You’re interested in life’s Big Questions and want like-minded people to explore these topics with you

• You know that you can’t pour from an empty cup, and you’re ready to prioritize changes in your lifestyle so you can improve your mental health

• Something inside of you is telling you to join, even if you don’t know why

Don’t join the FYYS if:

• You aren’t ready to take responsibility for your own well-being

• You aren’t willing to get additional personalized support outside of the FYSS, even though you’re struggling with an eating disorder, PTSD, severe depression or other mental illness 

• You’re looking for a “magic pill”, “quick-fix” solution, or someone else to do your inner work for you

• You don’t have the ability to set aside 10-30 minutes a day for the lessons and practices in the FYSS

• You feel uncomfortable talking about spirituality and aren’t open to exploring other people’s beliefs or perspectives

• You aren’t ready to change

• Something inside of you is telling you to not to join, even if you don’t know why

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I stressed or anxious enough to join the FYSS?

The Feed Your Soul Society gives you a unique combination of information and strategy based on psychology, holistic medicine, and modern scientific research.

So unless you feel like you’re already halfway to Enlightenment, chances are the Feed Your Soul Society will help you flow through life’s obstacles with more grace, ease, joy, and confidence than you have up to this point in your life.

I've been diagnosed with mental illness, can I still join the FYSS?

The information and strategies presented in the Feed Your Soul Society can absolutely help with mental illnesses like anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD, and disordered eating, amongst others, but it should not be used as a replacement for individualized treatment.

If you have a diagnosible issue, please seek supplemental, personalized support in addition to the FYSS.

How much time per day does the FYSS require?

The 9 Foundation Videos are between 10-40 minutes, with the majority coming in around 20 minutes in length.

The Healing Practices are designed to fit easily into your everyday life, so you can benefit from them even when you only have a couple minutes to spare.

Still, for maximum effect it’s a good idea to set aside about 30 minutes a day for the Healing Practices.

And if you choose to participate in the live sessions, you can expect them to last about an hour.

Really, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it, so the timing is up to you!

Is the FYSS a type of therapy?


The Feed Your Soul Society is meant to be used for educational purposes only.

Should you want or need extra support, you are encouraged to explore what you learn with a therapist or holistic health practitioner alongside participation in the program.

Does the FYSS work in conjunction with therapy or medication?

Yes, absolutely.

In fact, it can enrich your experience and help you heal at deeper levels than most therapy can provide alone.

The FYSS shouldn’t conflict with medication or other treatment strategies, but please discuss any changes you’d like to make with your healthcare provider.

How is the FYSS different than talk therapy?

Talk therapy can help you understand your problems intellectually, but emotions are felt and stored in the body.

So unless your therapist can help you process your emotions through your body, therapy may not change the way you feel.

That’s where the Feed Your Soul Society comes in.

The FYSS is a mind-body-spirit program that integrates modern science and psychological theory with the holistic wisdom of ancient medical traditions like Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine.

Not only does the FYSS teach you to understand the origins and physiology of emotions and thought patterns, but you’ll also be equipped with simple yet powerful strategies to gain new perspectives, process old emotions out, and rewire your neurology.

So instead of just understanding how your past is impacting your present, the FYSS empowers you to let go of the conditioning of your past so you can embrace a new reality and be more of the person you want to be.

Is the FYSS inclusive of all genders, races, ages, religions, sexual orientation, etc?

Yes, absolutely.

While the FYSS was originally designed for people who identify as women between the ages of 25-40, all people over the age of 21 who think they may benefit are now invited to join.

Will live coaching be accessible if I live in a different time zone?

Most often yes. 

Live sessions mostly take place on weekends and the exact timing will change in order to accomodate the most FYSS members.

And even if you can’t attend a live session, you can always email your questions to Katerina and she will answer them in monthly recorded Q&A sessions which you will have access to so long as you are a member of the FYSS.

I have physical limitations, will I still be able to do the healing practices?


Some of the Healing Practices are presented for able-bodied people, but all can be modified to accomodate personal differences.

Please reach out to Katerina if you have any concerns or need help finding modifications that work for you.

Are scholarships available?

So long as enough people are enrolled to cover the cost of live-coaching sessions, nobody who wants to join the FYSS will be turned away because of financial limitations.

Full and partial scholarships are available to those in need so long as they are willing to provide proof of participation.

Participation includes:

• Watching all of the foundation videos

• Submitting thought transformation exercises, WOOP journals, and Bliss Lists

• Showing up for live coaching sessions

• Sending in at least 3 questions for the recorded monthly Q & A sessions

Scholarships are only given to those who are ready to do the inner work necessary to truly benefit from the FYSS.

Please contact Katerina if you would like to learn more about scholarship opportunities hello@KaterinaBaratta.com

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, the FYSS comes with a risk-free guarantee.

If you fully participate in the FYSS for up to 24 weeks after enrollment and decide it isn’t for you, you will get your money back so long as you provide evidence of participation. 

Participation includes:

• Watching all of the foundation videos

• Submitting thought transformation exercises

• Showing up for live coaching sessions

• Sending in at least 2 questions for the recorded monthly Q & A sessions

Please note that the refund comes with a firm deadline of 24 weeks after the date of your enrollment.

How long will I have access to the program?

Membership lasts one year, after which you can re-enroll at a discounted rate.

I have another question not listed here

I loved the Feed Your Soul Society so much and think about it all the time!!! There is so much I was able to take away from it that I can apply to my life every day. I’m so grateful for the experience and everything you put into making it such a meaningful program.

I was let go at my previous job in early March. I immediately felt so much trust and gratitude for whatever was next for me and a few days later a firm reached out to me (a group of people who I already know) and hired me that same week!

I credit the FYSS for my ability to lean into trusting in something greater than myself during a moment of so much uncertainty and instability which thankfully didn’t last very long but the trust piece is so huge!

-Amy, Former Feed Your Soul Society Member

 The Feed Your Soul Society comes with a risk-free guarantee.

If you fully participate in the FYSS for up to 24 weeks after enrollment and decide it isn’t for you, you will get your money back so long as you provide evidence of participation. 

Participation includes:

• Watching all of the foundation videos

• Submitting thought transformation exercises

• Showing up for live coaching sessions

• Sending in at least 2 questions for the recorded monthly Q & A sessions

Please note that the refund comes with a firm deadline of 24 weeks after the date of your enrollment.

Any additional services (private intake/coaching calls and/or a Personalized Wellness Plan) that have already been provided for VIP members at time of refund will be deducted at the regular service rate prior to refund.

“I want to thank you for what you do. You truly are creating a positive change in this world and are changing lives! The ripple effect will only continue to grow as you share your legacy and knowledge.

I am just overflowing with gratitude to have found a friendship with you and to be influenced with your light and wisdom.”

-Michelle, Feed Your Soul Society Member

Time is Running Out- Enrollment in the Feed Your Soul Society Closes Soon!








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